Value Creation Value Creation

Our Value Creation

The FPH Value Creation Diagram in the following spread presents our direction as a company and how we guide our businesses.

Our Business Model

Guided by our mission, purpose, values, governance processes, and the Board, FPH nurtures its various businesses by providing the following support…

Our Financial Performance

Financial capitals are our sources of funds to produce goods and provide our services.

Our Operational Performance

Our manufactured capital consists of the physical, material, and technological assets that are available to the company for use in the provision of products and services to customers, and for the general fulfillment of the company’s purpose.

Our Environmental Performance

Our natural capital consists of resources from the Earth that serve as raw materials for our businesses.

Our Human Resource Performance

Our human capital consists of the knowledge, skills, and experience of the company’s manpower. It is important for employees to align with the company’s purpose and governance, and to understand the company’s strategy and contribute to its execution and improvement.

Our Intellectual Capital Performance

Our intellectual capital arises from our overall organizational knowledge, systems, procedures, intellectual properties or licenses, and research that help us achieve the successful development of our projects and new businesses, the effective and efficient management of existing assets, and the streamlined operations of the various companies.

Outcomes Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals

Positive outcomes resulting from the transformation of our capitals contribute not only to the protection of the planet, but also to the prosperity of society.